How did the interview go

So how does interviews go…

Q: java/Unix ?
A: Unix.

Q: How many terminals.
A: 7 of them inclusive of one GUI.
FOUND OUT LATER (FOL) : There can be more than 1 GUI..gota tweak on that.

Q: Have you used semaphores
A: Yep

Q: So how do you implement semaphores.
A: Glup!….eh…oh yeah…using POSIX library
I KNEW IT…BUT…(IKIB) : The kernel semaphores can also be used.
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/ipc.h>
#include <sys/sem.h>
#include <stdio.h>
id = semget(KEY, 1, 0666 | IPC_CREAT);
semctl(id, 0, SETVAL, argument)

struct sembuf operations[1];
* Set up the sembuf structure. */
/* Which semaphore in the semaphore array : */
operations[0].sem_num = 0;
/* Which operation? Add 1 to semaphore value : */
operations[0].sem_op = 1;
/* Set the flag so we will wait : */
operations[0].sem_flg = 0;
/* So do the operation! */
retval = semop(id, operations, 1);
courtsy :

Q: What chmod?..have you used it.
A: Yes. It is used to change the read write execute permissions.

Q: okay. So what is the particular string you will use to change provide full permission.
A: …You will have to set 111 in all the fields…(gosh my head count it quick…4+2+1..what is it 666 or 777 …666 is devil…gosh you got no time they are giving up on you…blurt it out..)…777

Q: Yeah. That is right. So what is tar used for.
A: Well it is used for making a compressed package. The command would be tar -xvzf….the softwares come as a tar ball. of type
FOL : tar just packages. by mentioning x while packaging you are asking the tar to pull up the zipping program once it is done with the packaging.

Q: Have you accessed ports from unix?
A: Yes. The parallel and serial ports. (But then they probably were asking about the sockets!! Good that they didn’t dig up on this point.)

Q: What is the editer that you are familiar with?
A: The VIM ( we use it every day to clean the dishes!!)

Q: So what is the difference between VI and VIM.
A: VIM is colorful. ( now that is a BIG point…do you have any idea how hard it is to write a program when everything you type appears in the same color!! the lack of color will account to 10 extra compilation errors..and errors aren’t a scanty thing as far as i am concerned…so VIM is COLORFUL and thatz it.)

Q: Well you know what the expansion of VIM is ? it is VI Multiple… that is you can open multiple files for edit.
A: Oh yes…using the ! mark to trigger another command (…or better stated as ‘See I know it.You didn’t ask the question right.’)
FOL : all the answers were blunders. ‘!’ is used to run a terminal command and that is not proper way of opening up multiple windows for edit. ESC + : + e does that magic
Edit /etc/vim/vimrc and uncomment line 20 to ‘syntax on’ – that would make a color less vim colorful. But VI is COLORLESS.
Some things worth a try …what would all these be ??:
:set background=dark]
:set background=light
:hi LineNr ctermfg=6
:so $VIMRUNTIME/colors/name-of-scheme.vim
:colorscheme name-of-scheme
more info on the DIFFERENCES at :

Q: What is the difference between Find and Grep?
A: Find is for file seach. Grep can search inside the contents of the file too.

Q: So how will you do a search inside directories?
A: grep -r. I will do a ‘man grep’ and find out

Q: How would you give a batch of jobs for execution in unix?
A: I will write a shell script. (Was that the answer?)

Q : Well …how will you perform tasks in background?
A: I don’t have an idea.
FOL : bg and fg. puts process in background and foreground.

Q: how do you find out the status of a process?
A: ps -ax.

Q: How will find out the return value of a process?
A: echo the return value.

Q: yes. But how do you do it.
A: (NO. You are not supposed to ask that question) echo command-name maybe.

Q: That will just print the command name you have given.
A: I don’t know sir. In java when you trigger a program using exec. And then do a process.waitfor() the return value of the process can be found and checked upon for further execution sequence.
FOL : Answer is simply echo $?

Q: okay Anjali. That would be it. We will intimate further details through the HR.
A: Thank you.


Where it all began

It is when information is in plenty that one start pouring it out. The medium of such an outcome are different, it could be prose, poem or painting. But not all such outpour is  appealing to the comprehending eyes. Mostly there would exist an extravaganza of self centric thoughts. Once such boundary is broken, true creativity begins.